Basic information
Name Vinny
Job Bagel Vendor
Affiliates Evangeline
Places Unknown


Vinny's back in town and he's looking to sell a few bagels from the old pushcart. Can he make enough money in his first week to stick around for good?


Cultivate a good reputation, maintain the cart, and pay the $130 rent each week by Friday.


  • While caffeinated, Vinny walks fast.
  • He can cook many types of bagels. Experiment!
  • Vinny owns a cart already. He just has to find it.


Vinny only recently began drinking coffee, and now he's addicted to the caffeine. Without caffeine, he gets fatigued and walks slowly.

Recipes Edit

Plain Bagels Edit

  • 2 yeast, 8 flour, 3 salt, 1 sugar
  • mix, then boil, then bake
  • (I haven't been successful in doubling the recipe; if someone is successful, please note it here)

Chocolate Bagels Edit

Other notesEdit

  • Vinny is only available in the Everything Edition, which formerly cost $5.